Mike Smith


My podcast is about all things technology and computer related. I discuss cool sites, software, tips and tricks that will make you more productive at home and work. I review problems and solutions that I encounter at home and with my consulting. I answer listener’s tech questions and also discuss solutions from other listeners

September 16, 2021

Podnutz Pro #361: Conferences: Should you stay (home) or should you go?

Guest: Mike Smith: https://mikenation.net Mike and I talk about past conferences; what we loved and what we didn't; and how we will approach both in-person and virtual conferences the rest of this year and next.

December 30, 2020

Podnutz Pro #318: How to Sell and Support Microsoft 365

Guests: Mike Smith (MHS Consulting and The Mike Tech Show) and Paco Lebron (ProdigyTeks and MSP Unplugged) Join us for a round-table discussion: Appriver vs Sherweb vs Pax8 Still wondering if you should add 365 to your portfolio? Having a hard time figuri